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The action of the drug gave a stunning effect. About a minute before ejaculation, I felt that I was already coming, then the strongest six jets flew over our head. head, and for another two minutes I felt that I was coming, although there was no sperm, and I lost consciousness from overexertion and exhaustion. When I woke up, I saw several droppers with intravenous nutrition and other jojo babie porn drugs, while I was sleeping in a. Blackout, a long pearl necklace with alternating beads, jojo babie porn small ones, one very large and again three small ones, etc. I was informed that I was passed out for more than two hours.

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In the meantime, he pushed aside a strip of panties and stroked and touched my clitoris with his large palm, at. The same moment, alternately, with the tip of his tongue, pulled at my nipples and greedily nibbled at my large breasts. I began to moan even louder, when suddenly Sergei thrust two fingers into my pussy and began to drive them back and forth, and I. Felt that I would soon be covered. Releasing my chest from his mouth, he went down: walked kisses on the tummy and again greedily grabbed the already jojo babie porn crack.

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